Сhildren's sports camps located on Hainan Island, China

The opening ceremony of the 15th National Youth Sports Summer Camp took place in Chengmai District, Hainan Island, China. In the next month and a half, six cities and districts, including Haikou, Sanya, Wenchang, Dinan, Vanning, Chenmai will hold 15 different summer sports camps on various subjects, and the number of participants will reach 5,000 people.


15 summer camps on Hainan Island will hold competitions in traditional sports such as basketball, football, table tennis and badminton, as well as go, shooting, martial arts, darts, swimming and active recreation. In addition, combined with the peculiarities of our province, summer sports camps dedicated to surfing, water sailing and windsurfing also open here. This is not only attractive to young people on the island, but also attracts many young people outside the island. Everyone will experience these new sports in Hainan during the summer holidays.


At the opening ceremony of the youth sports summer camp in Chengmai District, Hainan Island, China, Olympic champion Zhang Ning went to the stage to talk with the participants in badminton camp.


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