Exhibition and competition of electric vehicles “China's New Energy 2019” will be held in Sanya on Hainan Island in November 2019

The exhibition and competition of electric vehicles “China's New Energy 2019” in Sanya on Hainan Island for the first time presents high-quality models of new vehicles and innovative technologies.


In November 2019, Sanya will host competitions in new green energy vehicles in China. Currently, more than 20 new models of green electric vehicles from 15 major automotive energy companies, such as Tesla, have confirmed their participation.


In 2019, the competition will be held under the motto "Do everything to recognize new energy." Currently, Tesla, Beiqi New Energy, SAIC GM Buick, BYD, Changan New Energy, FAW Hongqi, Southeast Auto, Jianghuai Automobile, Jiangling New Energy, Chery New Energy, Weilai Auto, Geely Automobile and Zotye Automobile are participating in it.


The appropriate person in charge of the organizing committee of the competition said that the event will be based on everyday habits and needs of consumers, closely following the development trend aimed at the use of new energy vehicles in Hainan, in the end, combined with the actual recommendation of Hainan regarding new energy vehicles, we will focus on creating the “Sanya platform”, which will lead interactive communication, sharing iem resources and demonstrating the promotion of domestic and international industry vehicles running on clean energy, and create a "Sanya paradigm" for clean energy on the island of Hainan in 2030.


At the same time, this event, as an important part of the International Conference on the Assessment of Vehicles Operating on New Energy, will be presented for the first time at the international exhibition of high-quality car models and innovative high-end technologies, the choice of envoys to promote new energy vehicles, and charity work in security industry.


The New Energy Car Competition in China (referred to as the “CEVC Competition") is reported to be a Level A national event jointly organized by the China Center for Automotive Technology Research and the National Automobile and Automobile Sports Federation.


 The innovative competition of new energy vehicles for participating vehicles has become one of the most influential new energy vehicles in China. The event was co-organized with the Hainan Province Industry and Information Technology Department, the Hainan Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Department, the Sanya Municipal People's Government, the China Automotive Research Center and the National Automobile Sports Federation.