The new highly productive oil palm variety “Reyou No. 6 "launched on Hainan Island, China

Recently, the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences) and the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Reclamation Sciences have successfully developed the oil palm variety “Reyou No. 6 ”and passed the National Tropical Variety Approval Committee review, founding China's first oil palm variety with an annual oil yield of over 200 kg per mu.


Over the years, China's annual edible oil supply shortfall has been significant, with a self-sufficiency rate of less than 40%. As the second largest consumer of palm oil in the world, China imported 7.5 million tonnes of palm oil in 2019. The oil palm, from which palm oil can be produced, is the oilseed crop with the highest oil yield per unit area in the world. Successful breeding of "Reyou No. 6" created more opportunities to increase self-sufficiency in edible oil.


What is 200 kg of butter per mu? According to approximate statistics, the oil yield per 1 mu of soybeans is about 22 kg, the oil yield per 1 mu of peanuts is about 41 kg, and the oil yield per 1 mu of rapeseed is about 66 kg. In other words, the oil yield per mu of oil palm is 9 times that of peanuts, 3 times that of rapeseed.


It should be especially noted that “Reyou No. 6 "has a strong" Hainan gene ". It is not only successfully selected by researchers in Hainan, but also more suitable for cultivation and cultivation in Hainan and similar climatic regions. The oil palm is a tropical tree oilseed crop. The history of growing oil palms in Hainan goes back over 90 years. Back in 1926, China introduced the oil palm to Hainan. After the industry The oil palm became a national strategy in the 1950s and 1960s, and the Hainan oil palm entered the commercial planting stage. This also began the systematic study of the oil palm by the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. Unlike short-term crops, oil palms do not peak until 8-10 years after planting. In other words, it takes more than 10–20 years or even longer to develop a high quality oil palm variety.


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